The Digital Revolution

We live in a time of staggering change. Today, computer screens unite communities, individuals manipulate technology to exchange information in a way never seen before, and Internet connectivity vastly alters the meaning of geographic distance. Innovations have become verbs: we Google, we Facebook, we Tweet. We SMS and email. Mobile “smart phones” facilitate the transfer of money, knowledge, entertainment and goods. Consumers have become empowered, grabbing hold of the ability to research products and services and make decisions independently from corporate messaging. The distinction between mass communication and private conversations has become blurred. The world is becoming digitized!

The significance of this revolution is indisputable. Countless digital advancements have made transformational changes in the way individuals interact and in the way the world does business. We meet online to chat, form opinions, transact business, engage in debate and even fall in love. We increasingly rely on a collective wisdom for individual decisions, and the rate and volume of available information is unprecedented.

The Internet and digital media have dramatically altered the face of business. Today, companies promote products and services online, reaching customers in a timely, relevant, personal and cost-effective manner. Previously seen as a stand-alone service, digital marketing is now seen as a domain that covers all of the traditional areas of marketing.Gone are the days when television, newspaper, radio and yellow page advertising ruled a company’s media budget. Today, businesses invest heavily in online marketing campaigns that provide clear measurements and a return-on-investment analysis – all of this, never seen before with traditional advertising.

The social media explosion provides even further opportunities for companies to market online. Social networking now accounts for 11 percent of all time spent online; Twitter alone grew 1,382% from 2008 to 2009, Facebook closed 2009 with 112 million visitors, and 60 percent of adults maintain a profile on some type of social networking site. What do these seemingly social tools mean for business? Immense opportunity. This social networking evolution allows businesses to amass followers that ultimately can become customers. Through these online social communities, companies build brand credibility and grow and prosper by learning specifically what consumers desire.

For many, change represents challenge. For WSI Digital Marketing Consultants, all this change represents opportunity. Day by day, advancements in technology and global communications provide possibilities for small to medium sized business owners. Capabilities for gathering consumer data are enhanced. The potential of customer databases is amplified. The cost of customer acquisition is reduced. Conversions from Internet leads to sales are consistently improved. At WSI, we understand that many business owners lack an understanding of the Internet and its applications. Since 1995, we’ve managed to make an ally of change – to grasp hold of new and exciting advancements in digital communications and transform them into viable, practical, digital marketing opportunities for business owners. WSI Internet Franchise Consultants capitalize on these changes; they seize opportunities to teach, consult and lead businesses on how to use the Internet to their fullest advantage. Change is good. And at WSI, we’ve embraced change and converted it into an enterprise system that offers unlimited potential and an unprecedented growth curve.

Being a successful player in the Internet industry means being ahead of the curve. Since the inception of the Internet, WSI has been there – anticipating and understanding cultural and commerce changes afforded through digital communications – translating advancements in the Internet into practical, revenue-building applications for business. According to Peter Senge’s The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization, “The only sustainable competitive advantage is the speed at which organizations learn.” At WSI, our unique innovation culture allows us to continually monitor system-wide developments and changes within our marketplace – and then enables us to harness the intellectual capital of a world-wide network to exploit these changes. While other Internet consulting companies have disappeared due to their inability to adapt to the changing digital landscape, WSI Internet franchisees have continued to grow and thrive by predicting and leveraging emerging trends.

We live in a world of burgeoning social changes in communication and global business. We are all part of this revolution. Welcome to the world of WSI Internet Franchise.

Fast Facts
  • 72% of marketers surveyed say they use Email as their primary tool to create a personalized experience for their consumers.
    Source: eMarketer, 2011 
  • 68% of marketers still don't fully understand what conversations are happening around their brand online
    Source: eMarketer, 2011 
  • Local businesses make up 17.6% of Facebook fan pages (the largest group across page categories). Source: eMarketer, 2011
  • Worldwide social network ad spending is projected to rise 71.6% to $5.97 billion in 2011.
    Source: eMarketer, 2011 
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