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Like any other aspect in your marketing mix, your website has its own set of defined goals. For example, you may use it as an informational vehicle for your customers, to sell your products or services, or as a means to generate leads and build your database. Regardless of your website’s objectives, it is a marketing medium that you have invested a significant amount of time and money into. As such, it is essential that you ensure your website is working efficiently for your business.

You can only manage what you can measure

To guarantee that your time and money have been well spent, it is essential that you have web analytics running on your site, as well any landing pages you may have.  Web analytics will measure your efforts and will allow you to thoroughly understand how effectively your website is performing against your pre-defined KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). More specifically, there is key information that can be uncovered like your overall visitor stats, your site’s most visited pages, your top keywords, your visitor segmentation data or your pay-per-click and email marketing campaign ROI.  These key figures will help you determine whether your website is as effective as it should be.   

Our WSI Digital Marketing Consultants understand that as a business owner, you may already be embracing and utilizing web analytics on your website. If so, are you able to make sense of the complex data your web analytics tool is giving you? The very potential of all this complex data is undeniable, but for many individuals it may also seem like just another mountain of data that is complicated and too overwhelming to decipher. This sense of confusion is rather common, especially if you do not have previous experience in analyzing website data or are analytical in nature. 

Over analysis can be just as harmful as no analysis

With so much data to examine many businesses tend to over analyze the data, causing what we call analysis paralysis, where the sheer quantity of analysis overwhelms the decision making process itself, thus preventing a decision. The process of over analyzing can be just as harmful as not analyzing the data at all.  This is why your website data should be handled by a professional like a WSI Digital Marketing Consultant.  The WSI Internet Franchise Consultant will meet with you on a monthly basis to discuss your site’s metrics and ensure that that the intimidating mountain of data will not only make sense, but will also significantly improve your business’s online marketing and performance.

Through our qualified WSI Digital Marketing Consultants, you will gain relevant analytics services that are tailored to your specific online objectives. Contact your local WSI Consultant today for more information on web analytics.

Fast Facts
  • 72% of marketers surveyed say they use Email as their primary tool to create a personalized experience for their consumers.
    Source: eMarketer, 2011 
  • 68% of marketers still don't fully understand what conversations are happening around their brand online
    Source: eMarketer, 2011 
  • Local businesses make up 17.6% of Facebook fan pages (the largest group across page categories). Source: eMarketer, 2011
  • Worldwide social network ad spending is projected to rise 71.6% to $5.97 billion in 2011.
    Source: eMarketer, 2011 
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