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WSI is the global leader in digital marketing and delivers thousands of advanced digital marketing solutions to companies of all industries, helping them reach their online goals. By capitalizing on the changes taking place in the market today, WSI seizes opportunities to teach, consult and lead businesses on how to use the Internet and digital communication tools to their fullest advantage.

The outstanding achievement of our Digital Marketing Consultants have resulted in media exposure in several reputable news sources, such as USA Today, Fox Business Network and the Wallstreet Journal, to name a few.

The WSI newsroom section is your one-stop shop to read the latest in how WSI Internet franchisees are making a difference in the lives of businesses around the world. Take a moment to review some of our recent news articles and press releases.

If you are a media person who is interested in learning more about the WSI Digital Marketing business model, please refer to our WSI Corporate Overview.

> WSI News
10/30/2012 WSI Internet Franchise Announces Membership in the BDO Seidman Alliance
10/12/2012 WSI Internet Franchise Announces Doug Schust as New President

9/21/2012 WSI Achieves Six Standard of Excellence Recognitions In the Web Marketing Association’s 2012 WebAwards
7/5/2012 WSI in the News: Real Estate Broker’s Insider (July 2012)
6/14/2012 WSI Internet Franchise Announces a New Master Franchise Office in West Africa
3/28/2012 WSI Internet Franchise Announces a New Regional Master Franchise Office in Paris, France
2/3/2012 WSI Internet Franchise Announces a New Regional Master in Northern England
10/18/2011 WSI Franchise Recognizes Outstanding Achievement Within Its Franchise Network At Its 2011 Excellence Awards Ceremony
10/17/2011 WSI in the News: World Waterpark Magazine – September 2011
10/5/2011 WSI Internet Franchise Held Its Annual Excellence and Innovation Convention in Las Vegas
9/30/2011 WSI Recognized By Web Marketing Association With 7 Awards
9/12/2011 WSI in USA Today: Former Corporate Executives Turn to Franchising for Career Success – September 7, 2011
8/29/2011 WSI Internet Franchise Hosts “Make a Difference Day: FUNFEST 2011” in Toronto to Bring Awareness to Child Poverty
7/28/2011 14 Ways to Improve Your Website - July 2011
7/28/2011 Internet Marketing for Pool Companies
7/8/2011 WSI Internet Franchise Educated Business Owners on How to Increase Sales Using Social Media Marketing
7/8/2011 Brand Building 101: Essential Web Techniques for Solar System Installers – July 2011
6/22/2011 Develop the Right Strategies for Your Hotel Website - June 2011
6/20/2011 WSI Franchisee Elected to Become Local American Marketing Association Chapter President
6/7/2011 WSI Internet Franchise Conducts a Webinar on How to Take Online Lead Generation to the Next Level
6/6/2011 WSI Internet Franchise Announces Its Recently Elected and Re-elected Advisory Council Members
6/3/2011 WSI Internet Franchise Appoints an Area Representative for Franchisees in Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska and Kansas
6/3/2011 WSI Presents Its Internet Franchise Opportunity at the International Franchise and Entrepreneurship Expo
6/2/2011 WSI Featured in USA Today: College Graduates Find Success in Franchising – June 2011
6/1/2011 WSI Franchise in the News: How Social Media Can Help Your Business – May 2011
5/20/2011 WSI Franchisee in the News: Banker Turns WSI Internet Consultant
5/16/2011 WSI Internet Franchise Opens a Master Franchise Office in Morocco
5/13/2011 WSI Franchise Announces a New Master Franchise Representative for Portugal
5/9/2011 WSI Internet Franchise Educates Marketers and Business Owners on the Ins and Outs of Social Media Marketing
5/9/2011 WSI Internet Franchise Announces a New Area Representative for Franchisees in Florida, USA
5/6/2011 WSI Franchise In The News: Moving Up The Google Rankings – March 2011
4/13/2011 WSI Internet Franchise Recently Featured in Inc. Magazine
4/12/2011 WSI Internet Franchise Announces the Recipient of its Young Entrepreneur Scholarship (YES!)
4/11/2011 WSI Internet Franchise Hosted a Free Webinar Teaching Businesses How to Leverage Display Advertising
4/8/2011 WSI Internet Franchise Honors Excellence Among Its Franchisees at UK and European Convention
4/8/2011 WSI Internet Franchise Opens a Master Franchise Office Representing Czech Republic and Slovakia
4/7/2011 WSI Conducted Its Largest UK and European Internet Franchisee Convention in Birmingham
3/31/2011 Going Global: Worldwide Expansion Within Reach for Small Businesses
3/16/2011 WSI Internet Franchise Will Participate in Franchise Expo in Paris
3/16/2011 WSI Internet Franchise Announces 2011 President’s Circle Members
3/16/2011 WSI Uses Social Media to Help Louisiana Tourism Coastal Coalition (LTCC) Increase Tourism After BP Oil Spill Disaster
3/9/2011 WSI Internet Franchisee in Dubai Gets Recognized With a Business Award
3/7/2011 WSI Internet Franchise Will Conduct a Webinar on the Ins and Outs of Successful Pay-Per-Click Advertising
2/24/2011 In Times of Crisis We Must Take Control of Your Destiny
2/8/2011 WSI Internet Franchise Will Participate in the Master Franchise Investment Conference in London, UK
1/31/2011 WSI is Hosting a Webinar About Online Reputation Management
1/27/2011 WSI Organizes a DigitalOne Summit in Dubai on February 10
1/12/2011 From Lay Off to Pay Off: Transitioning from Unemployment to Franchising
1/4/2011 Franchising: A Fast Path to Success?
1/3/2011 WSI Opens a Master Internet Franchise Office in France
12/30/2010 WSI Opens Its Newest Master Internet Franchise Office in Cairo, Egypt
12/15/2010 WSI Conducted Its Last Digital Marketing Expert Webinar of the Year
11/26/2010 WSI Opens a Master Internet Franchise Office in São Paulo
11/24/2010 WSI, World’s Leading Digital Marketing Firm, Hosted an Experts Webinar on Conversion Architecture
11/17/2010 Google’s “Place Search” Feature Changes the Online Marketing Game – WSI Hosts a Special Webinar to Answer Questions
11/1/2010 WSI Participates in the Digital Marketing First Conference in Brussels
11/1/2010 Improving Your Online Imprint – Professional Door Dealer
10/31/2010 WSI Opens a Master Franchise Office in Brazil
10/31/2010 Getting Down to Business - Salute Magazine - October/November 2010
10/28/2010 WSI Educates Worldwide Businesses on How to Build a Strong Online Reputation through Blogging
10/26/2010 WSI Achieves 6 Standard of Excellence Recognitions in the Web Marketing Association’s 2010 WebAwards
10/3/2010 Texas Marine in Marketing Says Service Gave Him Savvy
9/30/2010 WSI Recognizes Outstanding Achievement Among Its Franchisee Network At Its Annual Excellence Awards Ceremony
9/29/2010 WSI Holds its Largest Digital Marketing Convention for Internet Marketers from Around the World
9/16/2010 WSI Partners with Scotland’s Largest Personal Injury Firm to Enhance the Firm’s Online Marketing Results
9/16/2010 Global Businesses Tuned in to Learn How to Increase Their Website Conversions with Proven Landing Page Design Tactics
9/3/2010 Consultation with Ron McArthur Tweet to the Top - Salon Today, July/August 2010
9/3/2010 Internet company cuts franchise deal for vets
8/19/2010 WSI Educates Global Businesses on How to Generate Increased Sales with Local Search Engine Optimization Strategies
8/18/2010 WSI Receives a Nomination for Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies Award
8/18/2010 WSI Featured in Mid-Year Issue of Foodservice East – August 2010
8/11/2010 WSI Launches an “Investing in America” Program to Help Re-Build the US Economy Post-Recession
8/11/2010 Seven Steps to a Sizzling Website – July/August Issue of el Restaurante Mexicano
7/28/2010 When the Folks Give You the Business
7/27/2010 Business Owners Around the Globe Tuned in to Learn How to Integrate PR and Social Media from a WSI Digital Marketing Expert
7/21/2010 Sponsorships Open for WSI’s Annual Charity Golf Event With All Proceeds Going Towards Eradicating Child Poverty
7/13/2010 WSI Welcomes New Members to its Franchisee Advisory Council
6/30/2010 WSI Educates Business Owners on How to Use a Data-Driven Approach to Optimize Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaigns
6/24/2010 The Right Web Site for the Ultimate Exposure
6/16/2010 WSI Opens a Master Internet Franchise Office in Central Spain
6/8/2010 Creating a Web Site to Open Doors for Success
6/4/2010 Power of the Internet Campaign
6/2/2010 Building an Online Customer Base
5/28/2010 Global Businesses Learned How to Influence Their Online Audience to Stay Engaged With Their Brand
5/19/2010 World’s Leading Digital Marketing Franchise Participates in the 10th Annual Communication Conference in Estonia
5/13/2010 Six Ways to Fine-Tune Your Website
4/30/2010 WSI Revealed Online Video Marketing Best Practices through a Virtual Learning Environment
4/29/2010 WSI Donates $8,000 to Help Restore Grace Children’s Hospital After the Earthquake in Haiti
4/26/2010 Digital Marketing Expertise Unveiled at Upcoming WSI Internet Marketing Summit in South Africa
4/23/2010 WSI Franchisees in Central UK Now Have an Area Representative
4/23/2010 World’s Largest Digital Marketing Franchise Organizes Business Opportunity Seminars in Madrid
4/22/2010 WSI Secures Two Digital Marketing Experts as Keynote Speakers for Its Global Franchisee Convention
4/20/2010 How to Strengthen Your Facility’s Website
4/15/2010 10 Ways to Make Website a Success
4/9/2010 Creating a Well-Oiled Website - Article Featured in Oil & Lube Magazine
4/7/2010 Franchises Use Social Media for Marketing and Tracking of Customer Satisfaction - Feature Article in USA Today
4/6/2010 WSI Appoints an Area Representative for South West UK
4/6/2010 Six Steps to Improve Your Website - Feature Article in Car Detailing Magazine
3/25/2010 WSI Educates Global Businesses on How to Leverage Facebook to Boost their Marketing Results
3/24/2010 WSI is Organizing an Internet Marketing Executive Briefing for Local Business Professionals in Cork, Ireland on March 24
3/16/2010 WSI to Share its Expertise at the Congreso Nacional 2010 Internet Marketing Experts (iMex) Conference
3/11/2010 WSI’s Recent Excellence and Innovation Convention was its Largest Event Ever Held in the UK and Europe
3/11/2010 Over 170+ Aspiring Entrepreneurs in the Baltics Gained Valuable Business Knowledge in WSI’s Business Opportunity Seminar Series
2/12/2010 WSI Organizes a Search Marketing Exchange Conference in Birmingham
2/4/2010 WSI’s Master Internet Franchise Office in Bahrain Expands to Qatar
1/25/2010 WSI Opens a Master Internet Franchise Office in United Arab Emirates
1/25/2010 Online Advertising Expertise Revealed at Internet Marketing Summit in Mexico City
1/15/2010 WSI Conducts a Digital Marketing Expert Exchange Event in Mexico City
1/13/2010 WSI Consultants Expand Their Expertise at Digital Marketing Strategy Exchange in Monterrey

Fast Facts
  • 72% of marketers surveyed say they use Email as their primary tool to create a personalized experience for their consumers.
    Source: eMarketer, 2011 
  • 68% of marketers still don't fully understand what conversations are happening around their brand online
    Source: eMarketer, 2011 
  • Local businesses make up 17.6% of Facebook fan pages (the largest group across page categories). Source: eMarketer, 2011
  • Worldwide social network ad spending is projected to rise 71.6% to $5.97 billion in 2011.
    Source: eMarketer, 2011 
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