A History of Innovation

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, WSI  has been developing profitable digital marketing strategies for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) since the mid-1990s. At the outset of our franchise endeavor, WSI developed proprietary software that allowed WSI Internet Franchise Consultants a�� mostly a�?techiesa�? at the time a�� to build and sell brochure-ware websites to SMEs. Next, customers began using the Internet as an interactive medium, and WSI developed the Internet Business Analysis (IBAa�?) process tool, allowing WSI Consultants to direct companies in making their websites more dynamic.

As eCommerce emerged, WSI leveraged an opportunity in our flagship e-commerce product, the World Merchant System. So huge was the need for this product that WSI innovated to meet market demand a�� we implemented production centers around the world and developed a systematized delivery approach. The WSI eMarketplace was born. WSIa��s Internet Lifecycle System, a six-phase process for the development and delivery of a website, was implemented to ensure consistency and success from the initial analysis to the build, launch, testing, and management of a website. Further, to allow the WSI Internet Franchise Consultants to communicate with worldwide production centers, we established MAPS, our proprietary communications portal.

Again, the face of the Internet morphed. Companies overcame security issues related to sales transactions, and WSIa��s Internet Franchise Consultants became educators a�� teaching small to medium sized enterprises how to leverage the Internet, saving billions by moving manual transactions online.

In 2010, WSI released a new business model: Digital Marketing. While still under the WSI umbrella, the Digital Marketing model is comprised of a distinct product and service offering, training and profitability matrix. WSI Internet franchisees operating this model were distinguished not only in how they serve SMEs but also in their certification as Digital Marketing Consultants. Of course, existing WSI Internet Marketing franchisees could upgrade their skills to become Digital Marketing Consultants, but franchisees joining the WSI Internet franchise network in 2010 and beyond step right into the latest and greatest business model, targeted at delivering digital results for their clients.

Being as old as the Internet itself, WSI has had the time and opportunity to evaluate many of the worlda��s leading marketing solutions, developing deep knowledge and an extensive partner network of industry thought leaders. One of the other advantages of being a global agency is our vast and deep talent base. Not only are our Consultants digital marketing experts, but they also have experience in hundreds of industries further delivering global insights that can be applied to your local business.