Training and Support

We’re proud to provide our WSI Digital Marketing Consultants with one of the most comprehensive training and support programs in the franchise industry today. You bring an interest in assisting businesses to leverage the potential of the Internet  – and we provide the knowledge, the tools and support it takes you to become a certified Digital Marketing Consultant. In no time, you’ll be confidently assisting business owners in turning their online marketing efforts into profits and building yourself a solid client base bringing in recurring revenues.

We know it has probably been a while since you’ve had to hit the books and study for exams, so we’ve designed our progressive training program with the adult learner in mind. Rather than throw everything at you all at once, we’ll take you through a unique multi-stage training system developed and delivered by experienced educators. We combine eLearning using our proprietary software with traditional workbook exercises, practical hands-on assignments and role-play exercises. This varied approach is fun, engaging and most of all, effective.

WSI’s eLearning, in-class, and Quick-Start-Program will equip you with the digital marketing expertise you need to operate your WSI Internet franchise business. But, cliched it may be, we all know that learning is a lifelong exercise. Training becomes even more crucial if you operate in an industry that is as dynamic as digital marketing. To help you stay ahead of the game, and on top of current trends, we provide you many ongoing learning opportunities. These include updated eLearning courses, additional corporate and regional training sessions, webinars and presentations, mentorship programs, educational conferences and more.