Over the last two decades, following the increasing digitization of the world, WSI has experienced tremendous growth. As the largest network of Digital Marketing Consultants, WSI is fortunate to partner with industry leaders such as Adobe, Yahoo!Bing, HubSpot, and Google, and to work with businesses of all sizes around the world – from a small landscaping business to a global consumer packaged goods company. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide WSI Consultants, valuable resources, and experiences. If you’re considering WSI as a potential franchise opportunity, here are our Consultant’s top 5 WSI Franchise experiences.

1. Global Convention

Our network of WSI Digital Marketing Consultants come together every eighteen months for WSI’s Global Convention. Our Global Conventions provide our Consultants the opportunity to gain valuable digital marketing insights, learn from industry experts and network with other Consultants, WSI Suppliers, and Home Office staff. This regular event is more than just a trade show convention. It is a platform for our network to converge and collaborate, an opportunity to come together, learn and enjoy time as the WSI community.

2. Training

Once onboarding with WSI, we provide our Consultants with ongoing education and training to keep our network ahead of our competition. Professional experience in franchising or digital marketing is not required when joining WSI. To ensure that everyone who joins WSI is equipped to prosper, all new offices and teams undergo our 6‐8 week online training program. Once this part of the training is over, we invite our new Consultants to a week-long, in-class training at our head office in Toronto. Together, these cover the fundamentals and best practices of digital marketing. After this training is over, we continue to guide and support our Consultants via a Quick-Start-Program (QSP) in the initial months of their new business. WSI has a specialized Coaching and the Education team to provide updated certification courses and mentorship program to help Consultants apply the latest digital tools to their WSI business.

3. Digital Events

WSI conducts a variety of digital events including webinars and digital presentations, training workshops and regional meetings in collaboration with our partners. These events are personable and usually consists a smaller audience, allowing more opportunities to network and build client relationships.

4. Support from our Collaborative Network

Becoming a business owner provides you independence. However, you shouldn’t feel like you’re alone in this endeavor. When you join WSI, you immediately gain the support of an entire network. Collaboration is strongly ingrained within WSI and one of the greatest benefits of being part of a franchise.

5. Global Partnerships

One of WSI’s greatest asset is our network’s access to industry partners. With powerful partnerships with Google, YahooBing, Microsoft, HubSpot, and Adobe, WSI Franchisees are provided exclusive partnership pricing, training, and resources. WSI Consultants have the resources available to double their production or office with the help of WSI’s partnerships and suppliers.

Operating a franchise business is significantly different than running an independent business. If you’ve had the opportunity to operate both, you’ve experienced this difference. If you’re interested in learning more about the WSI and our franchise experience, connect with us today to discover your path with WSI.